In November 1920, a banner headline in the Yarmouth Telegram read "Local Council of Women Urge War Memorial." The Town moved quickly, and in January the tasks of collecting the money for the construction and of collecting the list of names to be inscribed on the monument began.At the time of the unveiling on June 9th, 1923, there were 173 names to be put on the monument and a sum of ,272 had been collected.He is straight to the point but underneath is a wonderful sense of humour. Marias, and take issue with some of the comments left here by others. I couldn’t ask for a better GP and I can not thank him enough for everything he has done for me and my family over the years. He knows his patients well and he isn’t afraid to tell you like it is.

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I find it so easy to speak from the heart with him about anything without worrying about him judging me.

I have depression, anxiety, and agoraphobia, so I basically worry about everything but he puts me at ease. Marais treats me like his equal and like we've known each other forever. Maria’s after a severe break of my left leg and a bout of compartment syndrome. Marais is NEVER too insecure to contact other professionals or read written materials to make a more educated decision. I detest doctors whose word is God and even hamper discussion of a subject because their word is the end all. Now Pam, who runs his office, is very efficient, but comes across a tad too 'bullyish' for me. Marais has been mine and my family’s doctor since he’s been here. He is honest in the sense that if he doesn’t know he will send you to someone that does.

The fountain at the north end of Main Street was placed by Clara Killam in 1893.

The fountain at the south end of Main Street was presented by Nathan B.

The names of World War II and Korean War veterans were added later.

In the late 1800s, the shipping fleet from Yarmouth was the second largest in Canada, and its sea captains were renowned in seaports around the world.

But like any large fleet, it had its share of misfortunes worldwide.

A memorial for those Lost to the Sea commemorates all the sons and daughters of Yarmouth County who have died at sea.

He's got a very dry sense of humor that is totally awesome!