Sam was also 15, and had a very interesting relationship with Freddie.

Sam would always make fun of Freddie, and even sometimes beat him up if he annoyed her.

Freddie lived across the hall, and Sam lived a few floors up. Freddie had almost made it look genuine, when he heard a faint knock on the front door.

" exclaimed Carly."Yeah, our ratings were really high!

" said Freddie In the past year, Freddie's voice had gotten deeper, and he knew it was because of puberty.

Carly: (talking very fast) Freddie says "In five four three two", then points at us, then we introduce the show.

And then he bought me a subscription to the Bacons of the World Club, and then boom, I thought I was in love with the guy?

Spencer usually had a new sculpture he was working on, but Sam and Freddie were surprised to see that there was nothing new here."You sure you'll be fine here on your own? "Don't worry, I'll just throw a party and trash the house while you're gone""That's not funny," said Spencer."Where are you going?

" asked Sam."To the art convention""Uh, an art convention?Freddie used to be fairly chubby, but in the past year, he had grown a few inches and had evened out his weight with his height.Freddie thought he was pretty good looking and he even had a few girls in school that wanted to go out with him, but Freddie had turned them down in hopes of dating Carly.That way, I'll know what to improve on, and from there. Freddie was the cameraman, or as he liked to call it: "technical producer."Carly was Freddie's neighbor and good friend, and Freddie had a huge crush on Carly. "15-year old Freddie Benson shut off his camera and joined the two girls, Carly Shay and Sam Puckett, who were standing in the middle of the room.However, a few weeks earlier, Sam and Freddie had both been teased that they had never kissed anyone before.