The basketball legend offered up a list of names from Taylor Swift to Vin Diesel, before telling Jimmy that 'Beyonce was the best one.''We went [backstage to her concert] and said "Hello" and stuff,' he explained, 'I said, "You're amazing! 'The diva responded with ultimate respect, telling the star, whose nickname is Black Mamba: 'Yeah, I learned from you!

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Known as a fierce competitor, Los Angeles Laker star Kobe Bryant earned a reputation as a tough teammate that expects the best everyone. — While announcing his new signature watch from Hublot, Bryant met up with The Insider’s Michael Yo and talked about his daughters.

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Next season could possibly be Bryant’s last year as his contract is set to expire.

Team president Jeanie Buss said the season will be a “celebration of Kobe Bryant”.

And Kobe flashed his megawatt smile as he posed with the film's star Oprah Winfrey.

Meanwhile, Kobe piled on the charm during his recent chat with late night host Jimmy Kimmel, where he talked about the joy of retirement and which fellow celeb his teen daughters were most excited to meet.

Since his injury affected his shoulder and not the lower body, Bryant will be able to stay in shape with proper conditioning.