The dog below, a lovely little girl named Fly, is staring intently at Willie at the moment, the better to play “you move and I’ll smash into you! ” Her eyes have something of the quality of a “hard eye,” but not because she is challenging anyone, but because her stare is so intense.

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The first four measures of the 12-bar blues are played over the tonic chord I7.

This means, if we were playing in the key of A, our I7 chord would be A7, if we were playing in key of D, our I7 chord would be D7, and so on.

But when he was about 10 months old, I began toweling his butt and he turned his head to look at me as his eyes went a little hard and he growled, ever so quietly, under his breath.

Because I knew him so well, my reaction was to laugh at him.

(See here for information on treating resource guarding.) Willie’s eyes went hard on me once, just once, when I was toweling off his back legs.

He was an adolescent, still fearful of other dogs, and highly reactive to noises, but a sweetheart to me.

While this is a common expression of the blues, it’s not unlikely that in the early to mid 20th century people would sing and play the blues on their ukulele too.

In this lesson, we’re going to take a look at one of the most popular chord progressions in traditional blues music known as the 12-bar blues.

This seems to be the best explanation I’ve heard so far. I see it as a clear threat: “Continue doing what you are doing and there will be consequences.” In a few rare cases, I suspect the message is “Make my day.”How should we respond to a dog whose eyes have gone hard?

Whatever causes them, “hard eyes” can be signs of trouble. Don’t faint, but I am not going to say “It Depends.” At one level, the answer is simple: “Change what you are doing.” If you are reaching toward an object that the dog is guarding, stop reaching.

Little Nell, a fox-faced Border Collie, came to visit the farm over twenty-five years ago, when I was just getting started as a behaviorist. ” “No, it’s not about the color or the pupil dilation or constriction,” they all said (although pupils changes can be important).