We Click groups capture ages ranging from 21 to 55.

At each event, female participants will be seated at a table.

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The men will rotate from table to table, stopping at each for a five-minute conversation.

The man and woman indicate if they are interested in each other on cards that are given to the hostess at the end of the event.

If both show interest, they are sent each other’s contact information.

La France, a mother and part-time office manager for her husband’s construction company, Heritage Fine Homes, said her research found that unlike Internet dating services, face-to-face encounters allow people to react to each other’s body language and tone.

Men ages 22 to 32 are invited to attend, as are women ages 21 to 29.

There are also “single professional” events aimed at older daters, “Christian singles” and an “outdoor enthusiasts” group.

PORTLAND — April La France noticed what many members of the city’s young adult population have come to accept as a depressing truth in an otherwise fabulous town: the dating scene leaves much to be desired.

“I have a lot of single friends and found that it is especially difficult to meet people in Maine,” La France said.

By meeting someone, you get to known them beyond their profile picture and list of interests and can find out if there's a natural chemistry.

Popular TV shows like 'First Dates' also demonstrate this shift from the online dating world.

For only we give you the chance to meet a minimum of 15 people who are there with the same intention as you, to try something new.