The best way to find a lady in Guangzhou is wait for them to approach you in the bar or club and go from there.

If they approach you they are either drunk enough they have lost some of their inhibitions or they just really really like the look of you and want to find out more.

The Smooch API is designed according to REST principles.

If they are on a dating site they are probably able to read and write it and actively looking for a foreigner to hook up with.

China Love Links is free to sign up and you will literally have thousands and thousands of messages of very willing sexy Guangzhao women wanting to meet you right away for a date.

Some good clubs to meet Guangzhou girls would be Wave Club, Duo Club, Kama Club and Tang Club.

Some cool bars to check out are Parry Irish Pub, Puridgy long, The Tavern, and Hooley’s.

The full specification is described here, and a set of supported JWT libraries for a variety of languages and platforms can be found at

To summarize, a JWT is composed of a header, a payload, and a signature. To sign JWTs, you will need to create a secret key pair in the Smooch dashboard, by going into the Settings tab.

One night stands are great, but marrying one of these girls could be one of the better options as they are very loyal and fiercely protective of you because the way it works there is that almost every girl that wants a foreigner will be trying to steal you at every single moment she is not around you.

The API allows you to craft entirely unique messaging experiences for your app and website as well as talk to any backend or external service.

Meeting girls in the nightlife areas will be a lot easier.

They will likely be drunk which always helps us out, plus if they are in bars and drinking it up in the discos and clubs it isn’t always as much about socializing but rather hooking a boyfriend, future husband or foreign partner for a night or two.

The biggest problem in Guangzhou and the rest of China is the steep language barrier.