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We were the first dating site to offer instant messaging/web cam chat and now we're changing the industry again by introducing a personal complement to online dating - personal matchmaking.

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If you are not sure then contact your Internet Service Provider.

Again, no refund will be given for technical problems on your end.

You tell us which lady/ladies you wish to contact and the dates and times it is convenient for you.

After you have booked a call, we will contact your lady to arrange the call at your requested time.

To get the full effect (and so your lady can also see and here you), we suggest that you buy a web cam and microphone of your own.

However, you can still see and hear your lady through Windows Live Messenger, even if you prefer to only instant message her or if you only have a microphone.The agency will accept your video invitation and this will establish a video connection between you and the agency. If you have any questions or you are ready to start correspondence, please, write to of any kind will be tolerated.Your session will be immediately terminated and your profile will be deleted from the Brides of Ukraine site without refund.After we receive the form you will be emailed when the Web Cam session has been scheduled and also sent a link by email for secure on-line credit card payment.(You must give us at least 72 hours to contact you about setting up your webcam session).If the lady is not available at the time you requested you will be given alternate times to select from.