It is rumored to follow more closely to the Cardfight!! There is also a confirmation of a Bermuda Triangle series produced separately from the main anime.A flash anime for the Mini Vanguard series, a 4-panel comic strip will be produced too.Aichi Sendou is a shy and lonely Ordinary Middle School Student who collects "Cardfight!! One day he meets Toshiki Kai, an experienced Vanguard player who gives him the rare card "Blaster Blade" and encourages Aichi to become a player as well.

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It also has a Prequel in the form of , which depicts Kai's childhood and playing Royal Paladins before meeting Aichi.

Another manga series was also serialized in the Monthly Bushiroad, titled Cardfight!!

Taking up a Royal Paladin deck with the new "Legion" ability, Kai begins his quest to rescue Aichi from whatever fate has befallen him.

Standing between him and the truth are the enigmatic "Quatre Knights", a dark counterpart to Team Q4 who seem to safeguard the secrets behind Aichi's disappearance. When Vanguard cards all over the world turn blank, the cause is traced to Kouji Ibuki: a childhood friend of Kai who now threatens the world itself with his eldritch "Deleter" deck.

To stop him, Aichi and Kai must enter the "Messiah Scramble" tournament and win the world-changing "Harmonics Messiah" card before Ibuki can get his hands on it., began airing in Autumn 2014.

Taking place after a three-year Time Skip, it focuses upon a brand new set of characters: Chrono Shindou, Shion Kiba and Tokoha Anjou, who all wield new "G Units" with the "Stride" ability.

But standing in his way are his former teammates as Shion and Tokoha have formed their own teams for their chance to become U20 Champions.

Both series come together in the final series A series reboot announced in March 2018 set to start airing in Spring 2018 follows Aichi back in the beginning.

A second season, , began airing in October 2015 and focuses on a new mega-quest hosted by the Friendly Vanguard Association which will see Team TRY3 traveling to all the different branches of the organization to win the title of Generation Master. With Shion focusing on the Kiba company and Tokoha overseas, TRY3 has split up as Chrono transfers to Tokyo Metropolitan Harumi High School.