With radar aimed into the rise of a hill in a road, the range was 0.85 miles.

The shortest range it recorded was 0.45 miles when the radar gun was perpendicular to the road to simulate an ambush scenario.

Escort even provides a ticket reimbursement guarantee, though it only applies to speeding tickets that resulted from a radar gun.

For example, the shortest range it recorded was a half mile with radar gun aimed perpendicular to the road.

When the gun was aimed down the road, the range exceeds two miles.

In the highway performance test, the DFR7 earned a B grade, which means it has plenty of range to provide you with enough time to adjust your driving speed.

For example, in the straight ahead test, it detected the radar at 2 miles.

The built-in GPS automatically connects to the satellite and provides a wide range of features that includes an over-speed alert, which is the best way to avoiding speeding and far better than being detected by a police radar gun.

You can take this detector out of the box and use it effectively.

The city test was even better, receiving an A using the Auto Lo K and Auto No X sensitivity settings.

Both settings use the GPS to automatically adjust the sensitivity as you drive.

The faster you drive, the more sensitive the sensors.