Net AJAX Control Toolkit Async File Upload control when page is revisited reloaded or refreshed a In this article Mudassar Ahmed Khan has explained with an example, how touse the ASP.

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For samples you can refer to previous posts – check passwords using j Query, email validation using j Query or view the demo form.

View Demo For each example we have created a css class, which can then be assigned to the relevant form element.

Combined with j Query, it allows you to ensure that data sent to the server matches all of your requirements.

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NET Thanks, This works, but it only accepts one digit no more. I think you may need to do a custom validator and use the Regex library inside to see if you match the invalid extensions and then return the opposite of it. Valid file name mean it can contain lowercase letters, uppercase letters, digits, _ (underscore), - (hyphen), . Net Form into an web form, can this be done I am new here, but have been searching for a while, and may not have the correct lingo to find what I am looking for.

The expression i need should accept up to 8 digits and be an int. (dot for ectension) and also can contain white spaces. I am tasked with implementing a application that was writen vb6 then converted to into a new website my team is developing. WEB FORMS and dataset S (do I have to repeat the file definition in every web form? I have a project with 35 web forms and an access file with 18 tables.

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Hi, using version 4.5 I am trying to validate file upload image validation and seems this expression is not working.

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Net AJAX Control Toolkit Async File Upload Control without page refresh or postback in ASP.