Many of them end up with several babies with no daddy before they realize what their problem is. Why do you think white women want a black thug when they could have gotten a white one. We have several trailer parks and rural areas full of them. Specifically if they have a father probably has more to do with it than hip hop though. Sorry, if the intent of the post wasn't meant to be racist but it sure sounded like the worry was that white girls are dating black dudes [how about worrying that black men are dating white women? I will throw this out there for consideration as well. Im 21 years old so this is coming from a young white women's perspective. The OP made an observation, and posed a question about the societal dynamics that brought about the phenomenon as observed. Like, would a white woman who is attracted to black men care to intelligently discuss with OP about her preference? Im here in georgia and there are plenty of redneck white boys who are in gangs with tattoo's, jordans, chains, grills, and sagging pants. I don't see to many white women who are proffesionals dating thugs. Yesterday I spent the day at the LA Co fair in Pomona & noticed how many couples were mixed racially with many black men\women with white men\women & their beautiful bi-racial children. And latino\ anglo is as common as anglo\anglo [I have 2 latina aunts & a latino uncle]. It is truly a "melting pot" in California & becoming quite difficult for many kids to identify themselves racially [esp when there is 3 or more different races in their backgrounds]. a lot of the white women I see with brothas, are gigantic, but the black dudes are normal size. maybe the gigantic white chicks were only dating gigantic white dudes, but then a regular sized black man wanted to date her. Yes there are some black, hispanic, or asian girls attracting to white men, hispanic, and asian. But some of these girls literally go hunting for black men? Or is there nobody left on this board except slashers?

usher dating white girl-27

but I think the point of view you are coming from is imbedded in cultural racist thinking that is deemed acceptable among your social circles.. That is why someone might come along and call you a racist..

people just don't have a proper understanding of what racism is. But OMG whats happening with these young white girls my age and black guys. One of the girls who I was in highschool with I remember told a black male classmate.

However, this is untrue for European media, they play more Asian film and TV shows (dubbed or subtitled) on main stream media, and as a result European girls are more exposed to Asian media and find Asian men more attractive there. So please start supporting your Asian American actors and Asian American Youtube stars (like jimmy, or freddiew), who are already doing a great job.

They are cool dudes who deserve their youtube hits.

I don’t see much of a difference but, apparently, Usher was happy enough with the results to marry Grace after 6 years of dating. His single mother should have raised him better than that.

Allegedly it was Usher’s nit picking that drove his ex-wife, Tameka Raymond, to go under the knife when he cheated on her with Grace back in 2009.

These roles are stereotypically played by white, and to a lesser extent, black actors.

Asian TV shows and movies are also rarely played on main stream American media.

I see them usually with other proffesionals and middle class men. I wonder why we even need to identify ourselves by race [seems so out-fashioned].nothing racist about the thread. I went through a phase when I was obsessed with asian women. And yes there is a percentage of asian girls who go for white guys. Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum. Over ,000 in prizes has already been given out to active posters on our forum.

But still not like the black men/white women and white men/asian women.

You are definitely seeing more Asian male celebrities in leading roles and playing respectable characters in American TV and film now (Not saying that Asian under representation is not still an issue: see “The Great Wall", starring Matt Damon.