Thus, I would turn on the "automatic" function first and turn it off when I was done, using MS-Explorer to make Microsoft happy about "giving" me their updates..! If you delete any updates or reinstall XP or simply run the System File Checker (SFC), Windows Update will attempt to replace the updates that you undid by the above and put them back in.

updating windows 2016 to xp-59updating windows 2016 to xp-29updating windows 2016 to xp-27

If that's true, why am I getting what appear to be legitimate updates that try to install when I shut down my computer running XP?

I've had about 4 attempts since May, the last one in October.

The monthly regular Malware removal "patch" - not that it has ever found anything to remove. In keeping with my obsolete XP, I also have Office 2000!

I installed the compatibility patches for Office 2007, so I could open docx, xlsx, etc. That's all I have seen since April 2014 but as I said, it isn't in regular use.

It's much more probable that, from times to times, updates intended for later versions could be found to compatible with Windows Xp. The caveas been that there was no thougrough testing done, it's more of an afterthough.

You can confidently allow those updates, but, as they have not realy been tested, they may cause some unforseen problems and have some bugs."*The Malicious Software Removal Tool will continue to be provided for Windows XP through July 14, 2015; it will also continue to be delivered automatically via Windows Update and for download via the Download Center."If you are using Win XP, and you use the blue button, you get the Malicious Software Removal Tool for Windows XP-32-bit page and the big red Download button gets you the current version of the MSRT.The quoted paragraph should answer your theories... I got one update for Malicious Software Removal Tool, and several updates for Office 2007 when I ran Windows Update.At present i have had no problems with Windows Microsoft 7 x64 but as Windows 8 and 8,1 have been released, I don't know how long my support fot Windows 7 will last!The chances that the Windows updates service been hijacked are extremely slim.I suggest that you apply only one, see if it works OK before installing the next.