It's a common misunderstanding that Quick Finder Indexing is only needed if Group Wise Document Management is involved.

When the POA indexes a user's database on demand, the efforts of the POA to index the user's database are not saved.

They are discarded, which means when the user uses the Find feature again, the POA must perform the real-time search and indexing process.

This is right in the middle of when backup is occurring, though the POA and MTA shouldn't actually be running at this time (they're shut down while the backup runs).

I have looked at the analyze fix database report and it doesnt show any errors.

I've looked this up in the knowledgebase and have been unable to find anything.

Update Agent Error I have configured a few of my clients in a test environment to use Update Agent to get an update from 4.90 sp2 to 4.91.index is a file containing key words found in documents hosted on a Web or file server.A single virtual search server might contain multiple indexes of multiple Web sites or file servers.In Resets system folder names so that the client can come in and replace them.Used when a database gets created with foreign language names for system folders, and you want to reset them to some other language.Once you define a new index by giving it a name and specifying the file or Web server to be indexed, you must then generate the index before the actual index file is created.