The Nvidia device driver allows the Nvidia device to bridge the gap between hardware and software compatibility by providing the hardware with the software instructions for communication.Nvidia drivers are proprietary software developed in-house at Nvidia's research laboratory.

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Nvidia device driver errors can most easily be corrected by updating the driver, yet many users have experienced further errors due to improper driver installation or attempting to replace the Nvidia device driver with the incorrect driver.

The first and best step to take when troubleshooting Nvidia device driver errors is to update the driver to the most current available version.

In order for the video card to function as designed, the hardware is not enough.

Nvidia provides a proprietary software package with the physical hardware device known as a driver.

Note: You can automatically download the correct Nvidia Drivers by downloading the Driver Updateâ„¢ Utility below. Founded in 1993, the American based computer electronics manufacturer is the inventor of the graphics processing unit (GPU).

Nvidia manufactured the first GPU in 1999 and today it has evolved past it's humble origins to a level of speed and power that surpasses the graphical processing capabilities of a traditional processor.

Nvidia does not offer open documentation for their hardware devices so there are no open-source drivers readily available for Nvidia devices.

This practice closes out all open-source development, but ensures the highest level of quality possibile when developing Nvidia device drivers.

Not only will the resolve the problem but it will also improve the Nvidia devices performance.

To learn how to manually update Nvidia device drivers, read our Guide to Updating Nvidia Device Drivers.

To ensure you get the right drivers for your Nvidia device, we Strongly Recommend using the automated tool, Driver Update.