Of course, version control systems are not limited to text files, they can also handle other types of files.

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This tutorial explains the usage of the distributed version control system Git via the command line.

A branch created in a local repository does not need to have a counterpart in a remote repository.

Local branches can be compared with other local branches and with _remote-tracking branches.

This does not affect the state of your files in other branches.

For example, you can work independently on a branch called Branches in Git are local to the repository.

This is typically done via a repository running on a server which is, unlike the local machine of a developer, always online.

Typically, there is a central server for keeping a repository but each cloned repository is a full copy of this repository.

These versions are stored in a specific place, typically called a You may, for example, revert the collection of files to a state from 2 days ago.