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The BT Home Hub modem not only accesses the Internet, but also serves as a communication centre for your home or office.

The modem manages your Internet connection, cell and landline phone, wireless networking and even your television programming.

Select “Extract All.” The Extraction wizard will open.

Click “Next.” Click “Browse.” Click on “Desktop.” Click on “Make New Folder.” Type in “BT Home Hub” for the folder name.

Click “OK.” Click “Next,” “Finish.” The Desktop dialogue box will open containing the BT Home Hub folder.

Click “Start,” “Control Panel,” “System.” The System Properties dialogue box will open. Click on “Device Manager.” Click on the “ ” symbol next to the wording “Universal Serial Bus Controllers” to expand the listing. Select “Update Driver.” The Hardware Update wizard will open. Nick Davis is a freelance writer specializing in technical, travel and entertainment articles.The BT Home Hub modem contains a built-in router and a wireless connectivity adaptor. Click on “Latest Modem and Router Drivers for BT Total Broadband Products.” Click on “Download Driver” next to the “BT Home Hub” heading.To keep your BT Home Hub modem updated with the latest security and other patches, you can download the latest software for the modem from the BT website. If you want a copy of the driver's installation instructions, click on “Installation Instructions.” Click “Save,” “Save As” or “Save File” to save the driver's package on your computer.Some BT customers have found that separating the bands, and keeping Amazon Echo on the 2.4GHz band, fixes the problem.To do this you need to give each wireless network a different name (also known as an SSID).On the new page that appears click on the 'Separate bands' switch to set it to 'On'.