(I say largely gone because you can still sort of work with files, more on that below.) You can download existing and old apps, as well as manage apps directly on the i Phone and i Pad by using the App Store Purchased section.The Purchased section of the App Store includes all apps you have ever downloaded or bought before at any time with the Apple ID in use, as long as those apps are still on the App Store.It is also worth mentioning that if you do not have SHSH2 blobs for i OS 11.1.2, you will not be able to use someone else’s, as these blobs are specific to each device.

Once your i OS update is finished, go back to the hosts file and remove the “ gs.apple.com” line again so that i Tunes can properly update as usual.

This is an essential step otherwise you may encounter future errors when trying to update or install i OS versions.

This tool is quite complicated to use, but as long as you do everything correctly, you can restore an i OS device to an unsigned i OS version. This mainly being that it doesn’t work without already being jailbroken. The main reason everyone would want to restore their device to i OS 10.2 is to be ready for the upcoming jailbreak for i OS 11.0 – 11.1.2.

The tool is currently only compatible with mac OS and Linux, but Windows support should be coming in the future. If you are currently jailbroken on i OS 10, you will most likely want to upgrade and keep your jailbreak if possible.

But don’t distress, even if this change can take some adapting, because you can still easily manage apps, sync apps, and redownload apps and access apps through the App Store directly on an i Phone or i Pad.

It’ll be helpful to think of the concept of app ‘syncing’ as now more like app re-downloading from the App Store, since syncing apps to and from i Tunes is largely gone and instead replaced with redownloading apps if need be over the internet.Since i OS 11.1.2 is no longer being signed by Apple, you are not able to restore to it without using this method.It should be noted, however, that this will only work while Apple is signing i OS 11.2.1 (or a newer version that has a SEP compatible with i OS 11.1.2).Most modern jailbreak apps will make the necessary changes to prevent the error from ever being triggered, but that isn’t always the case.In more rare occurrences, Error 3194 can happen when there is an unrelated connectivity problem between the client and host server during an i OS upgrade or restore.This may look something like the following: Save the file and try to restore the i OS device again. Each IP rule with a # in front of it becomes voided.