Rogue I met my FB there, we get along even when we don't.

I don't mind if I scare away a chick, or if she does not respond, it just means that they are not the kind of woman I want. Sent from my KFJWI using Tapatalk HD In the early days of the internet when there was less exposure to online dating, you could meet high quality women easily through chatrooms (AOL, ICQ, IRC) if you knew how to hold a decent conversation.

Too ugly for online dating video

I think Facebook completely changed the game and kept feeding into massive gigantic ego's.

It's ridiculous how much worshiping goes on every hour.

When my membership was active matches would arrive by e-mail.

When I logged on to respond, I found that many of the profiles had magically disappeared!

Women like this are clearly suffering from what I call Princess Syndrome. (theyre the ones who post a face and cleverage pic but nobody pic). Bottom line: Online dating is a bad deal for average / ugly looking men. I can pull hotter women with less baggage in real can you. Maybe I'm wrong, but don't girls live to tell the story of how they met their significant other? The story how I met my x was great and she loved to tell, hell even I loved to tell the story.

A characteristic symptom of the malady is having a stringent laundry list of requirements and standards few men could ever hope to meet. Guys, your money and time is better invested elsewhere. You both know why you're there, you meet up and hope the pictures were accurate, if you get a second date you know you'll get laid. I can't imagine someone asking me how we met and I say plenty of fish.The reason why it works so well for beautiful, average and even slightly ugly/fat women is that men typically outnumber the women in online dating sites at a about 3/1 ratio.With an oversupply of men, they can have their pick of the litter.The important thing is being READY when you meet them (i.e.have your shit together so they actually like you).They typically want tall (6ft) good looking, athletic (muscular) and rich. just take a few years off your age, its easier to do clubbing but online why not because they're not as tall or slim or virgin as they say.. However, I think the chicks one meets online tend to be either social misfits of some kind, or attention-seeking wastes of time, which is why I stopped online altogether. I go online just to get some randoms while I wait on a steady piece that I meet in real life.