What happened next is graphic, and it was all caught on the thug’s camera.

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The manse still failed to move when the price was chopped to $2.75 million earlier this year.

So the owner listed it for rent at $15,000 a month.

A video is going viral after a thug decided to record her interaction with an elderly white woman and post it to Facebook.

Unfortunately, it seems that she wanted a bit more than a chat with the older woman — and that’s when screams of agony filled the air.tipster “Mike,” writes: “(I’ve) seen him outside of the house for the past few days.Lots of luxury cars in driveway constantly.” Thugger previously rented this Sandy Springs mansion for ,500 a month back in January.Join Free Now Join our thug dating club and find hot, dangerous gay thug men who love living on the edge!Read gay thug stories, find gay thug sex, connect with other gay thugs and have a fantastic time on our real gay thug chat!Although the events leading up to the ordeal are unclear, a thug decided to whip out her cell phone and begin recording herself as she approached an older white woman.