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Before Thomas Dam started carving in wood he had been fisherman, bricklayer and a baker.

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As sales increased a more rational way of producing Trolls was necessary.

Therefore a new kind of plastic had to be used in order to make the Troll's body on a machine.

While their magic can be used for good, it can also cause trouble.

The Trollz brand spanned a website, television series, home video, books, magazines, toys, and a Nintendo Gameboy Advance video game.

But there is only one original Troll: The Dam Troll from The Troll Company in Gjøl, situated in the northern part of Denmark. But be careful: only the ORIGINAL Dam Troll has magic powers.

According to old fairytales trolls have magic powers. Therfore..for the Dam logo and thereby be certain that you have the ORIGINAL GOOD LUCK TROLL.

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