She walked in the club where she paid the entrance fee and signed in. She could feel the doorman staring at her perfectly shaped ass.

She gave her bottle of wine to the robust female barmaid as she surveyed the scene. Mythical figures as they were spoken of but rarely scene.

Her husband could care less about her weight, but his wife nearly demanded he enjoy the beauty of the younger woman they met at the club.

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He was new to the scene, but he knew he loved watching his wife share a passionate kiss with another woman. Slob oozed out of her mouth and down her chin as the wife continued to dart her tongue in and out of her mouth. His load missed it's intended target, but some had landed on each woman.

He moved his manhood out of the way and the two woman locked in on each other. Melissa licked the portion she saw off of his wife and then took his softening manhood in her mouth to savor the remnant of cum that escaped the pleased member of the couple that would now leave as an encounter with Melissa was always their grand finale. She then gave Melissa a big hug and kiss on the lips.

She then rounded the corner where the room that featured a large mirror on the wall was occupied.

The door was closed and she could hear some sexy noises coming from I side. The next two rooms were empty so she rounded the corner to find a man standing outside of a door stroking himself.

"Sorry," she said to the solo man, "but this just became a private party." "I've been thinking about that dick all day," Melissa said as she dropped to her knees. "Take that dick," the wife encouraged as she was the more experienced and experimental of the two.

She took the throbbing eight inch piece of steel I to her mouth. She had gained a substantial amount of weight after giving birth to their three children.

Melissa and the wife began flicking their tongues at each other, occasionally hitting each other as the hard rod of the husband was in the middle of them connecting. He would often turn on the heat in the room to get the three of them to sweat. He began to stroke himself as the two women once again found their rhythm and locked mouth's.

He could feel the tongues fighting to get at each other so he opened his eyes and adjusted his head so he could see the woman attempting to kiss at his crotch. "You like this nasty shit," Melissa said as she slightly turned her head while still kissing the wife. Kissing, licking and sucking the outer part of her mouth, including her lips and cheeks, Melissa turned the wife's face into a sloppy mess. Moments later he bust his nut in the middle of the two women.

Sharing his dick like a popsicle, one went up while the other went down until Melissa broke the pattern.

She waited for the wife to meet her at the top where she awaited with her mouth open and tongue out. The mixture of perfumes and deodorants and bodily odors were an aphrodisiac.

She made sure to gather as much saliva in her mouth as she could as she began bobbing and sucking on the man that began to moan out loud.