Gettext compiles them into a binary format known as binary catalogs through msgfmt for efficiency reasons.If you make these files discoverable with If a document is updated, it is necessary to generate updated pot files and to apply differences to translated po files.

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Select the database and click OK, and you are done.

You may like to store the conection string in the web.config file.

There are two reasons for this: first, App_Data is configured to prevent users from browsing to the folder and downloading a copy of your database.

Second, you can take advantage of the special defaults to the App_Data directory.

Despite its name, it is used to connect to any relational database for which there is an ADO. This includes Ole Db, ODBC, Oracle Client, Sql Client, My Sql Client etc.

The Sql Data Source control requires a valid connection string to be provided for the Connection String property.

There are two providers that you can use, depending on the version of Access that you choose.

In the vast majority of cases, the format is used, which equates to Access 2000-2003, and the appropriate provider is the Jet 4.0 Ole Db provider.

From a web application perspective, the differences between a file and a .accdb file are so insignificant that I would always recommend that the format is used.

Jet is installed as part of the Windows Operating System on XP, Server 2000, 2003, 2008 and Vista, so should always be available without any manual intervention. NET 2.0 or higher, the database file (or .accdb) should always go into the App_Data folder.

this program is running properly on local but when i am uploading on server then it shows following error :- System. The code |Data Directory|in webconfig file resolved the issue. But: the connectionstring for Ole Db is the reason that the defined sdf-databases are not visible anymore in the Webmatrix databases workspace.