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But here, all we had to do was control how fast mice were running to obtain an improvement.

It would be interesting to see if this holds for humans, for cerebellar forms of learning — and even for other types of learning," Carey said in a statement.

So, even if there wasn’t a puff of air to accompany a flash of light, these mice automatically blinked.

On the flip side, it took much longer for delay eyeblink conditioning to be encoded into the cerebellum of mice whose treadmills were set at slower speeds.

Bott, Eliza Kienitz, Yin-hsuan Chien, Daniel WC Hong, Ning Liu, Adam Royalty, Grace Hawthorne, and Allan L.

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Anectodal evidence also links physical activity with "Aha! For example, Albert Einstein famously said of E = mc, "I thought of that while riding my bicycle." Along this same line, Manish Saggar of Stanford University has found f MRI brain imaging evidence that enhanced cerebellum connectivity boosts creative capacity.

Megan Carey's cerebellar research in Lisbon dovetails beautifully with research on the cerebellum being conducted by Jeremy Schmahmann at Harvard Medical School in Boston.

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