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While the study's results came as no surprise to Todd, the research usefulness of the speed-dating forum did.

Todd and his colleagues are conducting several other speed-dating studies that could confirm the results.

However, an international study says that may not be ...

The age old adage ‘women are better at multitasking than men’ may have some scientific merit.

Researchers found that heterosexual women who have higher levels of progesterone are more likely ...

Women living where rates of infectious disease are high, according to theory, prefer men with faces that shout testosterone when choosing a mate.

Todd and his colleagues describe such speed-dating events as a "microcosm where mate choices are made sequentially in a faster and more formalized fashion than in daily life." For Todd's study, 46 adults in a speed-dating session were also asked to fill out a questionnaire beforehand assessing themselves and their ideal mate according to evolutionarily relevant traits, such as physical attractiveness, present and future financial status, health and parenting qualities.

Not surprisingly, Todd said, participants stated they wanted to find someone who was like themselves -- a socially acceptable answer.

105–8810] concluded that modern human mate choices do not reflect predictions of tradeoffs from evolutionary theory but instead follow a “likes-attract” pattern, where people choose mates who match their self-perceptions.