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The drug has also been known to cause serious side effects, but they are rare.

Those side effects include hallucinations, depression, thoughts of suicide, slurred speech, vision changes, unusual weakness, trouble walking, memory problems and infection.

These are compatable with any O/S and browser, and don't require Adobe Reader or any plug-in.

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He wished them luck, posed for selfie photographs and told some he would see them in Columbus, Ohio - where his band were due to perform Friday night.

Still clothed in his performance t-shirt and jeans, he emerged from the Fox Theater 25 minutes after coming off stage at around 11pm with band mates including co-founder Kim Thayll.

The last words of Soundgarden suicide victim Chris Cornell were revealed tonight as sources disclosed he died within 60 minutes of leaving a concert stage.

Cornell's wife Vicky has also spoken out, revealing that he was slurring his words when they talked after the show and that he admitted to taking 'an extra Ativan or two'.

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