In my 30's I screwed with AOL chat current state it was dismal but in a big city it was quite successful.I did a free trial on harmony or something 10 years ago and that was a waste of time.Just because it’s difficult or mentally stressful does not mean it’s impossible; given the prevalence of online dating it’s very likely that you know people who have started a relationship online and remain happily together; online daters want to know everything about a partner before committing.

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For example, it has been shown that if online daters actually do pick a partner, the larger the pool from which one chooses said partner, the more likely one is to experience dissatisfaction with their choice after having made it - a sort of “buyer’s remorse” in relationships.

Not to mention, a lot of people feel as if dating online is less about finding a partner and more about shopping for the right combination of traits, reducing some of the humanity in trying to meet people and turning online dating services into a love market.

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One has the flakes you like, but another one is healthier for you. “Choice overload” has been examined in many contexts; shopping, college or career choices, and even online dating.

The surge in popularity of online dating is another avenue for people to experience this mentally overwhelming process. Helen Fisher, renowned relationships researcher and Chief Scientist at, describes this phenomenon as a sort of paradox of choice; online dating provides so many potential options that people have many options.

I went to "search for girls around my area", and most if not all of the girls are over weight. You're probably on the same level or lower than the 'fat chicks'.

My dad said he was with a really big woman in the 1970s, and he let her be on top and almost blacked out.

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