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Maybe more...depending if there's special exhibition," Korra answered bashfully. This one looks pretty nice." Korra said gesturing to walnut hardwood cabinet with glass doors. Korra was considering getting it until she saw the price tag.

" asked Asami, obviously picking up on the giddiness Korra was emitting."Just..a month. After getting some frozen yogurt and fooling around, testing each piece of furniture in the showroom, they finally made it to the book case area."Hey.

Finally, after what seem like an eternity (really, it had only been like 5 mins) it was Asami's turn. One of our espresso machine is down." Asami looked up from her phone (she still had dozens of emails to plow through) to find a cute medium-short haired, olive skinned girl-an omega-behind the counter.

No other coffee shop make her drinks how she wants them.

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Fortunately, the sun was out and they dried off quickly as they wander through the outdoor areas of the aquarium.)"So... " Asami asked the omega as they sat on the bench in front of the fountain.