Not everyone is inclined to navigate three freeways for the chance to get laid, stone sober.

And Los Angeles lacks an urban center where young, single people congregate—they live everywhere. I receive thousands of emails a year from women all over the world, and they all seem to agree on one thing: dating is hard.

As a Wake Forest Alum, I know you just can’t do that! , all it took was, ‘Would you carry my banjo for me?

” Professor in the Department of German and Russian “It’s been 46 years since I dated… ’ Another good one was,’My roommate is having his girlfriend over tonight and they need to be alone, so could I possibly sleep on your floor?

If they don’t like you as is, you just saved yourself time and misspent effort.

Also, don’t be afraid of asking someone out even if you perceive them to be out of your league. If you ask them out and they say no, you have lost nothing.

Connecting with a quality professional man or woman is good thing, and connecting with the same man or woman who shares your dreams and desires is even better.

Starting a relationship with someone whose interests, goals, and desires match yours allows you to share a unique chemistry.I set out to ask some of Wake Forest’s most beloved professors, “What kind of dating advice do you have?” We all know our professors are pearls of wisdom in the classroom, but how smart are they really when it comes to the world of dating?If you have any questions or concerns please contact our customer support at Intellectual Passions Intellectual Passions is a free dating site for intellectual singles.Nerd Passions Nerd Passions is a free dating site for nerdy singles.