There were also speculations that Shaina had a humongous crush on John, and now it’s John who has an admiration for Shaina. It was in 2006 when the dance group Ultimate Dance 4 was created.

John & Shaina are both members of the group along with Rayver & Maja. During that time, Shaina was being paired with Rayver as a loveteam.

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On the first quarter of 2007, Rayver started courting Shaina.

At that time, many were expecting that they will end up together considering that Rayver was very serious of his intentions to Shaina. There were news that John & Shaina were already on for four months, but they both denied it, as John still has a girlfriend, and Shaina insisted that Rayver is the only one courting her and she just considers John as a good friend.

Shaina changed the negative impressions of people to John and John gave Shaina a positive aura and outlook in life.

John’s perception in love suddenly changed when Shaina came to his life.

It was only then that John and Shaina’s status advance to the next level and they became open to the public about them.

On Shaina’s 18th birthday, John gave her a heart-shaped Tiffany necklace.

Speculations again began circulating that John and Shaina are already a couple.

Few months after John’s admission to the public of his courtship to Shaina, Rayver gave up courting Shaina and gave way to John.

It was in the middle of 2007 when UD4 switched and exchanged partners. Some people also witnessed that during UD4’s mall shows, John & Shaina will sit beside each other, and after a while they will be caught talking and chatting with each other.

Maja then was paired with Rayver while Shaina was paired with John. Particularly, it was in the show Love Spell where John & Shaina became closer.

Before he was seeing love as an experiment, finding who is the one compatible and meant for him.