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Especially when it comes to subscription-based services.

4-figures monthly is reasonable, and 5-figures monthly isn’t far-fetched for real ambitious performers. Some performers are a better match for the industry, and those that put more into their work will generally earn more than others.

There’s also a whole lot of criteria that can impact how profitable an adult industry career can be.

Now that we got through the basics, here are the ways to get paid from sexting / mobile phone sex Only Fans is a “Premium Social Network” for adults.

For that reason, most phone sex operators (PSOs) opt for talking or subscription-based services. Especially since your managing the subscribers and phone numbers yourself.

It is possible to sell phone numbers (usually done as a store item on various networks). If you go this route, definitely make sure to use a different phone than your normal phone, with an area code that’s far away from where you really live.

There used to be a time where phone sex operators had to work over landlines.

Now they can work from mobile phones and there’s even new ways to get paid.

Feminine dominance is the stage where the woman is always in charge, she will be your domme and she will do whatever she wants with you.

Dommes look sexy as hell, they like being in control and they love to tell you what to do.

It takes things to a whole new level, where pleasure is derived from pain.