The studies by Yarbus showed that when given the freedom to explore a face for an extended period of time, people from Western cultures will concentrate their fixations mainly on the eyes, with some looks also to the mouth.

In these cultures it is important to look a person in the eye during social interactions to avoid appearing insincere or even a bit shifty.

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Small mirrors were attached to the caps to reflect light, and these reflections were used to measure eye movements.

Most modern eye movement recording techniques are much less invasive; they are compact and can be used to measure eye movements in both children and adults.

From a glance, we can glean information about a person’s emotional state, sex, age, ethnicity, where their attention is focused and, of course – if we recognise them – who they are.

But where should you look on a face to get the best look – that is, where should we focus our gaze to gather the most information?

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