Profiles can show off your body, your personality and your interests, your profile is your marketing tool that will help you meet other guys.To be sure that your profile is approved without a problem, please read the Site Rules & Policies for more about what is and what is not allowed in profiles.Back to group A Match is when you have added a member to your Friends List and they have added you on their friends list.

When a member is in PRO mode his profession appears under his thumbnail which makes it easy for others to see that they are advertising a service.

Members who discuss business or offer pay services without showing a Pro Ad are subject to immediate suspension.

Back to group To appear in the visitors page of a city click MY ACCOUNT PLAN-A-TRIP (at the top of the page) and then schedule your trip.

Your profile will display in the location you are visiting during your trip.

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If you've tried everything and you still can't login or if you keep getting logged out, it almost certainly means that your browser is not accepting cookies, cookies are disabled or there is another setting or program that is causing cookies to either be denied or deleted.Use the form below to create or update your Pro Ad.Members with Pro Ads can switch between PRO and regular mode using a link found in the MY ACCOUNT page.In the Thumbs Up column, a GREEN background means that he has you in his list of friends and you are a MATCH, a BLUE means he does not have you on his friends list.Back to group Back to Top Members offering pay services such as massage, personal training, photography, etc must create a Pro Ad.You profile will remain in your HOME LOCATION but show in the VISITORS section.