I was so impressed at the quality of work that was done.

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An unidentified aircraft flew over Oregon on October 25, with no flight plan, no active identification transponder or transmitting collision avoidance signals.

The Air Force had to send F-15s to investigate, but they couldn't find the aircraft.

THE GERMAN SHORTHAIRED POINTER CLUB OF OREGON RESCUE GROUP is comprised of volunteers who work to rescue GSP’s that have been lost, placed in shelters, or are in danger of euthanization.

When possible we assist GSP owners who wish to avoid placing their GSP in a shelter.

I appreciate the extra time you took in measuring the property line.

The most comprehensive study of religious bodies in America has been released by the United States Census Bureau, revealing and detailing the most and least religious regions and cities across the U. Among smaller populations of religious faiths, the 2010 release updates the 1952, 1971, 19 studies, adding Buddhist and Hindu congregations and adherents as well as expanding their coverage of Muslim congregations and including four Jewish adherents.

If the GSP does not work out, it must be returned to GSP Rescue.

Our ideal involvement is referring people who call us to owners or shelters so that the relationship may be between the custodian and the adoptive home.

The fighters were scrambled out of PDX but flew around for a while and did not find it.

If you've been looking for a way to enhance your landscaping design you've come to the right place.

It still remains unclear who was flying the aircraft or where it was headed.