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I found two sites worth taking a look at, The and the Wedding

The Knot offers more services, Wedding Bee is more of a blog chronicling what women are going through whilepreparing for the big day.

The series teaches basic relationship skills and knowledge to form and sustain a healthy marriage.

Topics include: Respect, Time, Forgiveness, Persistence, Time-Out, Affection, Agape, Prayer, Service, and Appreciation.

The first one encourages marriage for couples with children. They are available on either video, DVD or beta which many stations require for only $500.

For more information call Nisa Muhammad at 301-613-1316.

Would recommend that local community marriage grantees consider advertising (for general awareness as well as recruitment) and having it run in the theaters especially preceding this particular movie.

It's probably best to do ads when the movie is first released in theaters but check with the local theater advertising rep regarding projected attendance rate in 2nd and 3rd week.

This is an incredible bargain - there are enormous time and production costs to create something like this. This should inspire all of you to go out and get a sponsor - a bank, department store, real estate company, local foundation, Chick-fil-A or a Chick-fil-A counterpart (see last item in this post) - to help.