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I want them to seek wholly after a pure HEART before God, which in turn leads to pure thoughts, pure hands, pure lips, and a pure marriage.

I want them to have a level of purity that holds no question, no ambiguity, and no shame.

Pure eyes turn away from those dangling ads in the store, those magazines in the checkout line and even the ladies under ware packages in the department store. I love that I am teaching him this now, so he will know how hard he will always have to work to keep his eyes pure in our culture. Of course the most important resource is the Bible.

There are plenty of particular passages that are fantastic, but the truth is, the best way for any of us to remain pure is to daily read the Word. The best parenting book I’ve read on this topic is Raising Real Men.

A level of purity that will lead them to a beautifully godly spouse and give them the real gift that God intended to give them in marriage.

Of course, I’m not suggesting that you need to have the exact conversation above with your boys when they turn 6.

Trust me, if the line isn’t far enough from the world, there is little chance of ending up clearly pure before a holy God.