In a less violent situation, he once heralded a war of words with the Saudi ruling family, when his newspapers called them “Turkish bastards”; he sponsored the Al-Shabab terrorist group making Eritrea a target of the world; he hosted armed groups to effect regime change in Ethiopia; he hosted and trained Sudanese rebel groups (from the South and North) to influence political developments in the region.He is still pursuing irresponsible regional diplomacy and security alliances.

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He has ignited a devastating war with Ethiopia that cost the two sides over 100,00 lives, and severe instability that is still disrupting life in the country.

In addition, he has clashed with Djibouti twice, once with Yemen, and twice with Sudan—under his leadership, the country has become like a powder keg.

But what is happening to Yemen cannot be condoned, or explained, by anyone who has a basic sense of humanity. However, Isais Afwerki believes that condoning such an evil campaign against Yemen can get him a new lease of life, and he hopes the petrodollar power of Saudi Arabia and mainly the UAE can equip him to wreak further havoc in the region, primarily on the lives of Eritreans.

But worse, since Isaias cannot get any mileage from his regional gambling, he has begun to play a risky internal game with the Eritrean segments.

It clashed with all its neighbors, planted seeds of discord among Eritrean social components, and immersed the country in an environment of mistrust never seen in its history.

Isaias has established a close friendship with Gadaffi of Libya until the latter was overthrown.Isaias Afwerki, the Eritrean president, has been in power since 1977 when the EPLF, the precursor of the PFDJ, the current Eritrean ruling party, was a liberation organization.Using a multitude of Machiavellian tactics, he still dominates Eritrean politics, and rules the country with an iron fist, driving the youth out of their country to become refugees all over the world, and pushing the country further into the abyss.Suddenly, in 2017, the Saudi crown prince, Mohammed Bin Salman, decided to reverse the course of his country’s history and reform the rigid culture that was promoted for years as the only acceptable religious culture.We wish him luck and indeed, he has the money and he controls the territory where world Muslim extremism was born.Isaias can do what he pleases, but Eritreans have an agenda of their own.