The next morning, Tessa awakes to Ryan, stripped to the waist, washing his car across the street and obviously trying to attract her with his hot bod.

You go above and beyond to care and love for our child, along with putting up with me. I'm just trying to be myself” by Gaspard Ulliel.

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The loves, exes and relationships of Ryan Seacrest, listed by most recent.

On May 1, 2017, it was announced that Ryan Seacrest will replace Michael Strahan as co-host on ABC's with Kelly Ripa. So far all of their business has stayed between the couple, but what are the chances a Ryan and Shayna celebrity sex tape exists in some drawer in the Seacrest residence?

They start up dating again in season two after she helps him deal with the news of him being adopted.

They later break up as Ryan is going off to college and Tessa is staying in Chatswin to complete her senior year.She agrees, and later the two are found kissing underneath the bleachers.Tessa tries grilling Ryan to see if there is anything up his sleeve, but he is the same as usual, i.e. Later at George's barbecue, Tessa and Ryan are found making out in the laundry room.After being motivated by Lisa, Tessa tells Ryan that they can't be together and compares it to "eating chips and regretting it".Ryan compares her to "peanut brittle", and that he is "breaking her into tiny pieces", therefore breaking up with her, which is what Tessa just did to him.She tries to cure herself by kissing a nerd named Evan, but this does not work and she walks away with Evan looking shocked.