a Chinese student describes his/her summer holidays - an English boy tells about his summer holidays (continued here: - an older student tells about her trip to Milan a child tells about the first day of school five children tell about their first day at a new school Day Of School - a students story about the first day in a Canadian school Section 4.

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An opportunity to get close with the artists at the ‘Artist Arena’ One of the unique features at the fair will be the ‘Artist Arena’, where established Bahraini and international artists will present their work in booths especially designed by the artists themselves.

Visitors and collectors will get the rare chance to meet, greet and chat with the artists to discuss their inspirations and ideas.

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Code 107.210, "Awarding of Supplemental Sentence Credit." For an offender to be eligible for an award of SSC, first and foremost, he or she must have served more than 60 days in IDOC custody and be serving a sentence for offenses that are not excluded from an award pursuant to Section 3-6-3(a)(3) of the Code of Corrections (730 ILCS 5/3-6-3(a)(3)).

Offenders may lose program sentence credit based on bad behavior while in custody.

- encyclopaedia entry on education in England Section 3.