There’s also time between speakers and after to mingle.

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“The best part about doing this is it's safe,” says Schreffler, who got a deck of cards herself.

“Your contact details aren't visible, and if he messages you with something unsavory, you can write him off.” thing, Grouper Social Club might be.

During a six-minute presentation, you cover details from a wide variety of provided prompts.

At the end, you give out a temporary email address where others can reach you.

If the site owners accept you, they interview you by phone and attempt to match you with another member (based in part on your Klout score) for a phone date.

With the exception of a few tidbits the site’s creators might provide, you won’t know anything about the other person until your call.

Type in the name of a locale to view profiles of singles there—or let your phone’s GPS alert the app to your location, and it’ll generate a map of singles around you.

Contact members you’re interested in for an impromptu meeting—or just show up where they are. You can control whether other users see your exact location or an approximation displaced by 1 to 2 miles.

Too shy to strike up a conversation with a handsome stranger you encounter in person?

With Cheek’d, you set up an online profile and then order a set of cards with prewritten witty remarks like “Our future is in your hands” or “This card is good for finding me again.” Guys lucky enough to receive your notes enter the number on the back at to view your profile.

" / While the days of creating an online dating profile or swinging by a speed dating event aren't over, companies have had to get more creative to attract users. You can now sniff out your soul mate by smelling dirty laundry (yes, really), find singles within a 100-yard radius of your location right this minute and more.