At time of purchase, a confirmation email is sent to you as proof of ticket ownership.

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Furthermore, we state in our Terms of Use that the Lotter has no legal claim to your tickets whatsoever.

We have had the distinct honour of paying out over $80 million to more than 3 million winners since 2002.

Many people have had success playing Euro Millions by purchasing their tickets as a group.

They have emerged from draws as lottery syndicate winners!

Euro Millions wins up to €2,500 are tax free; all prizes over this amount are subject to a 20% local tax.

For more tax information, go to the Euro Millions lottery info page. When you play Euro Millions online at the Lotter, you are guaranteed to get all your winnings paid out in a timely fashion.

This highly anticipated raffle creates 25 millionaires across the continent.

Continue to play the Euro Millions lottery to be updated about this exciting pan-European raffle.

A 9-digit alphanumeric code is printed at the bottom of each ticket you purchase and if this matches the code drawn in the raffle, you win the €1 million prize.

All players participating in the Euro Millions lottery have a chance to become a millionaire in the European Millionaire Maker raffle, which is staged on select occasions throughout the year.

This raffle gives you a chance to win a cool €1 million.