Carefully defining the behavior will help a teacher to change the student's behavior in less time.

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Examples of non-specific behaviors: Teachers are the masters of multitasking.

They are responsible for academics, social skills, and behavior of each student in their class.

When the teacher chooses and implements a behavior management strategy, the teacher can measure the student’s behavior to monitor how the student responds to the behavior management strategy.

With careful monitoring, the teacher can capture even small steps of progress, such as decreasing the average times out of seat from 5 to 3. For behaviors that have a distinct beginning and ending, count the number of times the behavior occurs within a given time period. Results of a frequency count can be a number, such as 25 math problems answered in 10 minutes.

This means refraining from sex during the courtship or dating phase of a relationship.

Forgive my bluntness, but that really is the bottom line in proper Christian dating behavior. It is permissible to hold hands, even to kiss, but as a Christian, your goal should be to maintain purity in your relationship.Our kids learned proper Christian dating behavior not only at home, but in the setting of youth group activities.The youth leaders are married couples who have Godly relationships and are strict with the teens, helping them to see the wisdom of purity and restraint in dating.In this way you bring a gift of purity to your spouse and to God, when marriage is the end result of your relationship.If you feel that you cannot maintain proper Christian dating physical limits, then you should seek the help of a wise mentor, a prayer partner who can pray with you and seek God's wisdom and guidance in those times when the temptation is too great.Well, I told her, Christians absolutely have the same right to date as anyone else, but we live by a different set of standards - God's Word - and we are bound by those standards.