During orientation you will receive information and experience activities designed to guide you through your specific program.You will also have the opportunity to meet with faculty.Please take a few minutes to fill out these required forms prior to orientation. All incoming Prescott College students are required to participate in New Student Orientation at the beginning of their first semester.

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The bores have been adjusted to maintain complementary tone color from the great bass through the soprano.

Powerful at the low end and responsive at the top, they incorporate the best qualities of renaissance originals.

They blend best with the standard renaissance fingering (open g" on the alto) and 1/4 comma meantone tuning.

The solo tenor has a narrower bore and is made of boxwood, giving it a brighter tone and quicker response.

Orientation is a time for students and faculty from diverse cultures, different areas of study and expertise to build friendships, exchange ideas and develop cohorts or informal networks to support each other through the distance learning journey.

Students come away from orientation inspired, energized, and ready for the next phase of independent scholarship.% free Prescott (Arizona) dating site for local single men and women.Prescott Personal Ads medigrew Four year cancer survivor and counting.The f bassett is available with a direct blow cap, a bocal, or both at an additional cost.A bocal cap is also available for the g bassett but not usually needed due to the smaller size of the instrument.Long term, short term, FWB or just someone to talk to.