Subsequent majorities in the Oregon Supreme Court extended that to nude dancing and simulated sex acts.Which, according to Oregon State University historian Robert Nye, sounds like a clarion that draws iconoclasts, radicals and other freethinkers to the state.

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The release of the latest edition of Waldport social worker/writer Paul Joannides' "Guide to Getting It On," an elaborately illustrated manual first published in 1996.

Featured in Oprah magazine, added to sex education syllabuses on college campuses and published in 13 languages, the new printing raised Joannides' sales past 700,000.

It's a late afternoon, midweek, and at least one of the 55 strip clubs in Portland's city limits is in session.

Closer to the Willamette River, Ron Jeremy's Club Sesso -- whose frontman is the adult film star -- prepares to host another evening of intra-, inter- and extramarital antics. Ted Roberts, once the minister at East Hill Church, has launched a sex counseling ministry, Pure Desire, offering "Sexy Christians" workshops, which soon will be available in book form.

"Those Oregon pioneers were pretty lusty, rough-and-tumble people," says Lewis & Clark Law School constitutional law professor Steven Kanter. So while the latter document balances the freedom of speech with the public's interest in restricting certain behaviors, Oregon's constitution -- particularly Article 1, Section 8, regarding speech and expression -- speaks in absolute terms.

The state constitution deliberately guarantees more sweeping rights than the U. "They decided obscenity was protected," Kanter says.

"I don't see sexual repression here at all," says Samantha Berg, a writer/activist who tracks the effects of prostitution and industrialized pornography on society.

"What I see is an inability to confront male violence.

Adult film star Ron Jeremy, a kind of figurehead for Sesso, sits at the bar, checking voice mail on his cell phone. As with most new nightclubs, finding the right space proved a challenge.