First, find and separate all the edges of the puzzle pieces. Second, use color and/or picture clues to assemble the outside border. Thirdly, try to use some obvious clues to assemble some of the items in the picture.

Most puzzle solvers go for the faces and hands if any are portrayed.

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One of the statues of the seated king cracked off and fell down.

The modern movers lifted the entire large ancient structure but chose to keep the broken statue broken. Is this based on ethics, or on some other occupational standard? Choose your own problem; work on your own solution. See how many credentialed scholars who disagree, fall into apoplexy, or ignore the 800 pound gorilla in their small room.

Some suggest that the broken items should not be repaired.

Consider the large Abu Simbal set of four large statues that were moved up a cliff to avoid being covered by a dam flood.

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Then each piece may be tried all along the inside edges, one at a time. One such example involves archaeology in ancient Egypt.

Some searchers working on a pylon, a part of a temple, discovered that the interior filler rubble had once been another structure.

Others separate the blue sky pieces and put the other pieces aside until the sky part is finished.

When a few people are working together, they usually choose the section closest to them on the table to work on.

Moses book 2 intro may 2006Solving a puzzle requires certain orderliness.