Those who have been charged so far include a former mayor, a high school hockey coach, a minister, a lawyer and a firefighter.

Wright had attended college classes and ran dance classes for the local parks and recreation program before opening her studio in Kennebunk.

The 30-year-old Wright was accused of conspiring with insurance agent Mark Strong Sr.

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Hannas request was forwarded to Secretary of Treasury Albert Gallatin with the following notation, it has been difficult to get anyone who would consent to accept the appointment as keeper for the compensation allowed.

All the fresh water, wood and necessaries for a family must be carried on to the Island. Three years later, Hanna left and was replaced by Eliphalet Grover.

Videos showed them speaking openly of ledgers, payments and scheduling.

Not guilty: Mark Strong (right) admits he had an affair with Wright and his lawyers concede he may have watched video of her having sex with other men - but they argue he didn't know she was running an alleged prostitution business The time stamp on the 36-minute video shown the jurors, which was seized from Wright's home, corresponds with the time on 45 Skype video screen shots that were downloaded from Strong's computer, an investigator testified.

But she was also engaging in paid-sex acts in the studio, in her apartment and in her office, law enforcement officials said.

It came as no surprise that Wright would seek a plea agreement because evidence presented in Strong's trial was so overwhelming.

In 1797, the Boston Marine Society requested a day beacon be built on the island.

The resultant octagonal wooden tower, built in 1799, was destroyed in a storm five years after construction and was replaced in 1805 by a more substantial stone day beacon.

Following two shipwrecks in 1810, a twenty-five-foot tall tower topped by an octagonal lantern was constructed at a cost of ,377 along with a stone keepers house for 0.