There are plenty of articles on google search that spew predictable and repetitive tour guide ideas such as tea at the Ritz, a walk along the Seine (duh), macaroons at Laduree– absolutely nothing original there.

So voilà, a bit of local advice (yes, I just called myself a local) of romantic things to do in Paris.

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Summer has arrived here in Paris, which means, so have the American girls.

For twenty-something Parisian boys, this is hunting season.

The Parisian boys know they won’t be finding many ex-cheerleaders at the newest, hardest-to-get-in nightspots in town.

And as an American girl, you can’t just rock up to those kind of places either and not expect to get some pretty scathing glares from Parisian women all night.

Pink Flamingo :::: Blues jazz– you know the kind that consists of a soulful harmonica player, a dirty electric guitar solo and lyrics like, “woman you ain’t no good for me”– is seriously seductive music.

If you were on a date hoping to get lucky, it would literally do the job for you.On Sunday nights, Le Caveau des Oubliettes, is exactly where you need to go to be seduced by the best live blues in Paris.The oldest jazz club in Paris and remembered as a hotspot or post-war jazz, there’s nothing much to the bar upstairs, but it’s the 12th century underground wine cellar that draws in the music-savvy crowd.::: You’re sat holding a pink balloon in a spot you chose along the banks of the Canal Saint-Martin, a four-kilometer-long picturesque canal lined with art galleries and old warehouses converted into trendy lofts.You were given the pink balloon by Pink Flamingo, a pizza parlour down the nearby Rue Bichat, whose bicycle delivery man will use the balloon as a beacon to locate you on the canal and present you your order– a pizza pie reminiscent of some of the best New York-style slices.American girls are numerous, they very much enjoy alcohol (as well as the no-age restriction) and they’re generally less intimidating than your average female Parisienne.