He is on break and can re-enlist in the army at any time.

Amber and Ryan sleep together before Amber departs.

Ryan is now living in Wyoming with his mother since he has been medically discharged from the army.

Initially, Ryan suggests that they just get married at a courthouse, but they ultimately decide that they will get married in front of Amber's family by the lake.

When Amber and Sarah question why Ryan's family won't be attending the wedding, he lies and says that they won't be able to make it.

He feels that she is very distant and not really with him anymore.

He decides to re-enlist in the army, and tells Amber, breaking their engagement.“It’s a private life situation, so we keep it private [and] quiet,” he said. Ryan first appears in Season 4 as a young veteran who is coming home from the Afghanistan War.Soon, Ryan meets Amber Holt, Zeek's granddaughter, and the two strike up a friendship.The two are instantly attracted to each, which the rest of the Braverman family notices.However, it is later discovered that his relationship with his mother is strained, and his father is dead.