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Let me go over each in brief detail: Girls typically have a major conflict with time.

The older she gets, the less value she has in the eyes of a guy.

None of the info in here, or in the pandora’s box program will be relevant if you don’t TAKE ACTION! But first, you have to become someone worthy in order to get something that’s of worth.

So please, for the love of god, Go out and talk to hundreds of women to be a natural at finding out her type. And for me to help you, you have to implement and practice. Work on yourself to become someone others respect and someone who is loved.

But society pressures her to become an independent woman, and to be able to support herself just in case, in today’s world of high divorce rates. BUT, women actually have a thicker membrane than men.

So here are the conflicts: She can either be a “realist” by seeking to get a job and be independent, because statistically she has a high chance of getting a divorce, or the guy running away, or not getting a guy at all, blah, blah, blah. They have a very thick, highly connected membrane as the research turns out.

But of course cramming isn’t that effective (coming from the ultimate hypocrite, procrastinator :/).

So I would advise you do about an hour of video a day over the span of a week.

You should understand the program a lot more that way.