By 1760 the ceremony had assumed a form much like today.

Once the proceedings have been opened by the Chancellor, or in his absence by the Vice-Chancellor, each honorand is introduced by the Public Orator with a speech in Latin and admitted to his or her new degree by the Chancellor.

The Orator then delivers the Creweian Oration on the events of the past year and in commemoration of the University's benefactors.

Unfortunately, due to capacity, it is not possible to extend the invitation to former or retired members of Congregation.

Some guest tickets are available for the Ceremony; please check the registration page to see who is eligible to apply for a guest ticket.

Members of Congregation can bring their spouse/partner to the Garden Party.

However, please be aware that if you and your partners are both members of Congregation – and so have received an invitation each – this does not entitle you to bring a guest each.Garden Party: Electronic invitations to the Garden Party will be sent to all current members of Congregation by the University Events Office on Monday 23 April 2018.If you have not received your invitation or became a member of Congregation after this date, please email [email protected] who do not hold an Oxford degree nor are members of Congregation should wear business attire; robes from other universities are not permitted. Gowns and hoods, clerical or national dress, military uniform or afternoon attire.Those holding degrees from other Universities are encouraged to wear the academic dress appropriate to their degrees.Your ticket will tell you which section of the Sheldonian Theatre you will be sitting in and where you should enter the building.