Do: Give me a warning Hot and Ready: You’re a real go-getter.

Satan will fight you tooth and nail to keep you from your daily meeting with the Lord. As I started my journey into Leviticus, I wanted to look back and see the history of the Levites and the heritage they came from...their family history.

He hates nothing more than seeing a Christian getting down to business …

Every company should have a solid harassment prevention plan in place.

This involves establishing policies and procedures for this subject and work as a tool to clearly communicate them to employees.

Getting stuck in all the details of the Old Testament Okay, I have to admit that many times I've either skimmed or skipped over the list of God's instructions to the Israelites when it lists all the "laws." …

Training manuals provide information about how to perform specific job tasks.

You can use the suggested outline if you want or one of your own.

See an example here: The Desire for True Beauty Bible Study Feel free to come back and share again in the future as God continues to teach you things in your life!

Yes we all have, but you just never know if she’s that type of girl.

Well at all the girls on the site are into oral sex, both giving and receiving.

The types of sample documents that will benefit you the most will depend on the training needs of your organization.